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Want To Be The Best Fashion-Forward Ethnic Couple At A Wedding Party?

The grandeur of Indian weddings is no less than a carnival. It’s great pomp and show of feasting, mingling, and uniting with acquaintances. More importantly, a wedding reception party is an occasion when people love to flaunt and flash their outfits with style. If you want to be the most stylish couple in the next wedding function, you need to overhaul your ethnic fashion statement. Plus it is all about how you both coordinate your traditional outfits so that you complement each other in the real sense of the term.

Perfectly matching up with your partner is not just romantic, it’s an exciting affair too. Wouldn’t it be an intriguing experience when you both are synchronized in terms of colors and style? That said, you are in the right place and the right time to get the best possible ideas to dress up for a wedding. We’ll tell you how not to leave any chance to make everyone follow your lead.

Here are some takeaway ideas for the best wedding couple:

Matching Tempting Hues Is Magical

Either of you can’t expect to make an impressive presence if your outfits are clashing. To begin with, you need to match the colors and shades of your ethnic wears. As a quintessential couple, going for the same hues will make you look really cute. For example, Kurta Pajama is a go-to outfit for men on weddings and festivals, while a Saree looks perfect on women on such occasions. So a red-colored Kurta will go nicely with a red wedding saree in this case. If the pajama has a cream color, then similar embroidery will make the combination even more dashing.

Use an Irresistible Contrast

Bringing a pleasing contrast in your wedding ethnic dresses can be an aesthetic blend of styles. This is a nice way to strike a balance in the shades that you can tastefully play around with. In other words, it’s all about reversing the color game to make a powerful presence. For instance, the color blue can be flawlessly juxtaposed with pink color. In view of that, you can buy online kurta pajama in blue with an anarkali suit in pink. This is to say you have to choose the detailing perfectly.

Show Your Camaraderie in Prints

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The trend of print is quite engrossing these days. So to be a power couple for the wedding event, you can add attractive designs of prints to your outfits. As an effective matching trend to enhance ethnic style, women can wear the same print in their lehengas as their partners’ Sherwanis. Basically what you should be focused on is dressing at the same level.

A Perfect Ethnic Gentleman and a Gorgeous Lady

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If you are seeking that elusive tag of the prettiest couple, then the ethnic perfection is the name of the game. The best-dressed couple is the one that brings a perfect equation in their outfits. For that, you can give an Indo-Western twist to your attires. That means an Indo-Western Sherwani and Lehenga will go hand in hand for the wedding. So this will definitely bring a refreshing change to your wedding looks.

To be a couple of distinct appeals, you need selected enchanting wedding dress combinations. So the attires we have discussed here will have their own different effect on you.