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Stay Cool and Comfy with Travel-Friendly Light Ethnic Wears In 2020

As Oscar Wilde famously quoted “Live with no Excuses and Travel with no regrets”. In 2020, leisure and vacations are definitely on the cards for many of you. Also, if you are a travel buff and take immense pleasure in visiting different cultures, you should also showcase your cultural side, too. So what else can help you exhibit your desi look than travel-friendly light ethnic wears? In the upcoming months, you are going to redefine fashion while on the go. Plus, traveling in light-weight attires is always a stylish and comfortable affair.

Are you excited as to how you are going to spend your vacation days?

You must be busy planning to do a lot of things and probably getting confused about your dresses. But one thing is quite clear – you want to look your best self. It’s possible you’ve packed your luggage with virtually every outfit you have, and turned out, you didn’t even make use of them. So without getting too consumed in this, you can still figure out your coolest options for 2020.

Here are some cool light-weight ethnic wears for travel getaways:

Travel in ethnic elegance with a Long Kurti

long kurti

Since you are about to set out on a charming getaway, a cool collection of Long Kurtis will be awesome, to begin with. Your vacation, therefore, is going to shine with super-stylish kurti varieties. Furthermore, the design and comfort will definitely add to your irresistible style. You can also consider including certain prints and embellishments according to the leisure that will come along.

Gratify Your Wanderlust in Saree


Saree is ethnic wear that can never go out of fashion, come what may. In fact, there is always a specific type of saree for a specific type of occasion. In your travel luggage, you can put a few with designer prints and cool shades. From elegant style to sensual looks, a Saree can transform you into a gorgeous diva. The trend is quite visible in Bollywood movies where actresses flaunt attractive sarees in foreign locales.

Be An Adventurous Beauty in Anarkali Suits

anarkali suit

Another traditional wear that can make your vacation a memorable affair is an Anarkali Suit. It’s a stunning outfit with a long robe that gives you an appealing flair and grace. The ensemble is usually paired with a Churidaar Salwar to make sure that the magic of the attire remains intact. So there is no need to shed your culture even when you are out to know other cultures.  

Get the Travel Therapy in Angarakha Kurti

angrakha kurti

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, an Angarakha Kurti will be apt attire for you. It comprises a versatile ethnic Kameez that has two flaps knotted by threads or loops. Initially, Angarakha was worn only by Rajasthani men but its rich traditional appeal took it to the women’s fashion world. Besides, the asymmetrical look of the outfit makes it an interesting garment to adorn. So light up your vacation with this cool dress.

Discover New Frontiers with Asymmetric Kurti

ethnic wears

This is a traditional wear with a difference because it is beautifully asymmetrical in shape. The versatility of Kurti is simply unbeatable as it is available in different cuts, colors, and designs. The one that grabs enviable attention is Front Short and Back Long Kurti. To enhance the treasure of your wardrobe with this amazing attire to make the most of your vacation.

If you are planning an unforgettable trip, why don’t you give it an ethnic twist? Vacation is the time when you want to be comfortable as well as stylish in whatever you wear. So make this trip special by wearing amazing light-weight ethnic wears.