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Replicate the elegance in Ethnic Outfits in your sister’s wedding.

She annoyed me till the last month of her wedding. Then something happened which made me love her even more…

So, my sister from another mother (cousin) is about to get married next month. Being a single child, I have always relied on her for my dresses and everything since childhood.

For the very first time in my life I felt alone when yesterday she was trying her Dream Bridal Lehenga and she didn’t even ask me once about what I’d be wearing on her wedding.

We always wore the same dresses in family functions be it designer sarees, Sharara suits or even simple embroidered Kurtis. But what now who’d help me in finding the best traditional dress on such a special day. These questions started haunting me.

Being an elder sister, she was always concerned for my perfect fit, color and fabric for me when it came to ethnic dresses.  

From my partner-in-crime to my frenemy, she has been everything for me. I was engulfed in a pool of emotions thinking of the times we used to be together clicking selfies in those Anarkali suit, and our first Circular Lehenga we wore on the college fest.

I then thought getting those flashbacks won’t help and I decided to go to her and tell her all these things.

But the moment I reached there, what I saw was heart-wrenching. I watched the ‘bride to be’ on a video call with her fiancé who were excitedly discussing my outfit for her wedding. She was madly scrolling down for different designer lehengas and traditional jewellery at After long discussion, they chose and ordered a contemporary Lehenga style saree for me and a vibrant yellow saree for her ‘haldi’ ceremony.

I had never felt so special before that. She made my day. She proved that blood doesn’t make you family but the heart to heart connection does.

Finally the day arrived. All the sad and happy thoughts just hit my mind like anything. She looked stunning in her dream bridal Lehenga which she got from Jalebe with the perfect fit and fabric.

It was a lovely night for me. Everyone praised and complimented me for my flamboyant Lehenga style saree.

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