Traditional Wear

Proven Ethnic Wear Trends to Enhance the Fervor of Diwali Celebrations

Flamboyance of Ethnic Wears Will Transform Diwali Festivities Even More

How prepared are you to welcome the great festival of lights this year as Diwali is just about to knock on your door?

The charm and craze of Diwali is always an alluring event, which is etched in everyone’s memory. With a few days to go before the groundswell of celebrations begin to appear, people are gearing up for a great time ahead. Markets will be thronged by shoppers while malls will witness a beeline of excited men, women, and children. 

One of the exceptional aspects of the festival is amazing outfits adorned by people across different communities. Especially the bright and attractive ethnic wears are the most preferred choice of the masses. From Bollywood celebrities to sports stars, the fever for traditional dresses is so apparent in this season that market shelves are completely stuffed with traditional dresses.

So which outfits are going to pack a punch this fall? Let’s find out……

Anarkali Suits for Women

Anarkali suit perfectly fits the bill as far as women’s ethnic wear category is concerned. It is one of the most preferred outfits of women from all age groups and is increasing in popularity by leaps and bounds. A breathtaking fusion of traditional and modernity, this cool attire has become quintessential dress-code for celebratory occasions like weddings, social gatherings, family reunions, Diwali, and Eid.

Types of Anarkali suits

If you want to revamp your wardrobe, just choose from the following varieties of Anarkali suits:

Bridal Anarkali

It has heavy embellishment and rich embroidery along with a traditional look. You can find endless designs and color combinations.

bridal anarkali

Silk Anarkali

This particular outfit is probably the most appropriate component of festivals, functions, parties, and weddings. So keep shining with attitude while you adorn this stunning dress.

silk anarkali

Layered Anarkali

If you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, Layered one is what you will need the most. The powerful embroidery work with great finesse leaves everyone stunned. So if you want to make even mirrors shy, waste no time and get this dress for the next big event.

Layered Anarkali

Kurta Pajama for Men

When it comes to ethnic attire for men in Indian society, Kurta Pajama is probably the most glorious trend being followed. It’s one of the coolest ethnic wears for men and doesn’t seem to go out of fashion. The reason is this magnificent outfit is widely worn in the Indian subcontinent for various occasions like weddings, engagement ceremonies, Eid, and Diwali. Even a lot of youngsters are increasingly gravitating toward Kurta Pajama to show their distinctive dress sense on various informal social gatherings. Jumbled with different color combinations, the outfit creates an unflinching attention.

Types of Kurta

Kurta is the most significant part of the whole attire and is available throughout the year in multiple designs and styles. Apart from festivals, Kurta is worn to make a powerful fashion statement. Here are some of the best ones:

Hyderabadi Kurta

It’s an awesome traditional wear for men and has its roots in Hyderabad city. It consists of heavy embroidery along with beautiful thread-work in the neck area. All the beautiful artwork is traditionally done on a white background, giving it a rich contrasting look.

silk kurta

Silk Kurta

Silk naturally fits in festivals based on light and fireworks, especially Diwali. The shimmering texture of the fabric invariably creates spellbinding magic. So you need no second opinion to buy one.

silk kurta

Punjabi Kurta

When there is a mention of pomp and show, Punjabis are not far behind; which clearly reflects on this special traditional wear. The design comes out extremely soothing to the eyes of onlookers. So are you ready to give your neighbors a sweet eye-tonic?

punjabi kurta