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Perfect Guide for Men to be a Debonair in Ethnic Wear at Work Place.

The basic formal outfit for the usual office goers comprises and has till now comprised a suit or blazer or jacket, sweatshirts, footwear including loafers and sneakers, accessories including a necktie, scarf, time-piece, specs, and sunglasses, amongst other. But outfits are taking a U-turn towards ethnic wear.

As far as patterns in shirts whether a shirt of a tee and trousers for men goes, men are finding it more convenient and classy these days in going with ethnic outfits for the office.

Apart from giving a sharp look, the subtle embroidery on Kurtas for men makes one look taller. These Kurtas are the best option for men who are shorter in height.  


The full-sleeved formal Kurtas for men include checked, slim fit, textured, solid, printed and patterned work which also helps in keeping them warm during the winter season.

Full sleeve Kurta

The best way to carry traditional outfits during winters is to layering them with pullovers, sweaters, hoodies, sweatshirts, puffer jackets, etc. and the convenient clothing includes the inner ware, i.e., the warmers.

The latest corporate India’s dress code is witnessing a remarkable change from the past. Leading corporate in India have started accepting young executives wearing ethnic casuals comprising pricey Men’s short Kurta, Printed Nehru Jackets and Kurta Pajama with Jacket. The only consideration for the office wear, though, is it should be appropriate and professional in appearance. However, the banking, finance, and consultancy firms are among those being conservative office dress code even for the younger generation of its workforce.

nehru jacket

There are certain companies, especially in the teaching sectors, which advise their men and women to wear formal attire on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) and smart casual wear on Fridays and Saturdays. According to them, the dress code plays an extremely important role in a professional services environment. Thus, it always encourages employees to go with the more conservative, thus it will be more difficult to disenfranchise anyone else.

Office and Work Traditional Attire 7 tips

Always get to know about the office dress code/ ethics of some other office you are required to visit

Tip No.1

Never be least dressed up man in the room. You could be wearing Mens round neck cotton Kurta Pajama, Kurtas for jeans and loafers, you could be wearing Punjabi Kurta Pajama or fit enough outfit according to your body type. So, you must not be out of places such as wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or something like that.

Tip No.2

Dress Smart, i.e., add a bit of piece to your Pathani Suit, such as wearing loafers or shoes. Which are either in complete contrast to your ethnic wear or in combination. You can also enhance the look by adding glasses and sunglasses to the outfit.

Tip No.3

Don’t wear strong cologne. One doesn’t need to pose/ impose oneself in an office atmosphere, rather it’s quite the opposite. The perfume or scent should be subtle or non-existent.

Tip No.4

Stay well-groomed and well-dressed. Indian ethnic wears depict and enhance the sophistication and decency. Choose weekends to grow your facial hair and not otherwise.

Tip No.5

Pay attention to the fit of your clothes. The Pajamas should be slim fit, touching the top of shoes, make a note of it.

Tip No.6

Play a little with your outfit a bit extra. One can indulge in a subtle change in one’s outfit. Such as the sleeves of the Kurta, as long as you are maintaining the elegance you are required to project. One doesn’t need to go overboard.

Tip No.7

Wear nice shoes. At least one pair of leather shoes, one each in black and brown and a pair of loafers. These are the bare minimum to look great and smart in your ethnic wear.