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Make Ethnic Look the New Fashion Vogue This Navratri Season.

A Cool Ethnic Look Fires Up Passions During A Festive Season

It’s the time of the year again when celebrations are everywhere. From Dussehra rituals to Diwali fireworks, a great festive season is coming up to thrill you with an amazing joyride. People are getting ready to decorate their homes as well as planning a memorable get-together with family and friends. That said, the festival of lights and happiness is also characterized by the ethnic look and traditional dresses.

If you are looking ahead to boost your style quotient, Navratri and Diwali can set a perfect stage for you. These occasions are the times when you tend to ooze out glamour from tip to toe. Since these festivals have deep cultural roots, choosing to go vintage with attractive ethnic outfits can give you unfettered attention. Moreover, if you are pairing your chosen attire with traditional jewelry and accessories, it will be the icing on the cake.

So are you prepared to transform your wardrobe with a unique collection of ethnic wears?

With a tweak of creativity to certain traditional treasures, we have come up with the following trendy attires:

1. Lehenga Style Saree

When it comes to a grand festival or a big fat Indian wedding event, lehenga and saree are the main crowd pullers. But what happens when these classics are fused together? The resulting outfit – lehenga style saree – will definitely add an extra dash of spunk to your style. The perfect blend of two authentic dresses not just keeps their legacies intact but is also suitable for all festive occasions. This cool outfit is the latest fad for women of all ages and sizes. If you are flaunting it with heavy embroidery, you are going to steal the show.

lehenga style saree

2. Floor Length Anarkali

If you want to spruce up your charismatic fashion sense, Anarkali suit is the right accessory for you. There are few outfits that are as sizzling and graceful as this apparel. This legendary suit has all the attributes of the Mughal era and its charm reflects its timeless beauty. It comes in all designs, embellishments, and artwork. On top of it, a floor-length Anarkali is a must-have in your wardrobe.

floor legenga anarkali

3. Designer Patiala Suits

The ethnic fashion is just incomplete without Patiala suit. In fact, for a long time, it has been at the heart of traditional wears. It still continues to be one of the most preferred choices of women for special occasions. It’s a culturally rich outfit and widely available in a wide range of hues and color combinations. If want to give it a modern flavor, a designer Patiala suit is what you need.

patiala suit

4. Ankle Length Palazzo

Palazzo suits are surely in vogue today and don’t seem to go out of trend anytime soon. When it comes to bringing in sophistication with a tinge of decency, an ankle-length palazzo can turn the tide in your favor. For a cool contemporary appearance, you don’t have to ditch your traditional look. In fact, a dazzling palazzo will give you both.

ankle length plazzo

5. Dhoti Style Kurtis

A brand new fashion trend doing the rounds these days is Dhoti style kurti.  A lot of women are flaunting this style as a mark of making a strong fashion statement. You can try this unique ethnic look with loads of attitude. So by donning this cool outfit, you are essentially letting people around you fixated on your dress.

ethnic look in dhoti style kurti

Navratri and Diwali are among the most awaited festivals of the year and people celebrate them with great enthusiasm and fervor. On these occasions, ethnic and traditional dresses are widely adorned, especially by women. During these events, a lot of creative and attractive attires are available on the market, including Lehengas, Anarkali suits, Patiala suits, Palazzos, and Kurti.