Kurta Pajama

Kurta Pajama or Indo Western – Which one is More Impressive for Festivals.

Indian ethnic wears have an uncanny propensity to radiate a unique charm. There are a plethora of traditional dresses that are worn across the length and breadth of the country. People wear these outfits on different occasions. Whether it’s a festival, a big fat wedding, a social gathering or an engagement party, these vibrant dresses are the main attractions.   

No wonder women’s ethnic wear has a huge spectrum of varieties, designs, categories and colors. That being said, Indian men also have a variety of dresses to flaunt in front of the public. In various styles, patterns, and designs, they look ethnic and fashionable at the same time. This wide assortment of men’s clothing includes variegated fabrics like velvet, silk, cotton, linen, etc. Furthermore, these outfits come in spectacular artworks and details.

Although there are few, men’s ethnic wear segment has some precious assortments. Let’s discuss about them so you can choose, which you think is better:

Men’s Kurta Pajama: An Exceptional Class Apart

Kurta Pajama has a distinct charisma associated with it. When it comes to style and design, this outfit isn’t something monotonous – there are an exceptional range of colors and patterns.

One of the most prominent Indian ethnic attires, Kurta Pajama for mens has been an on-going ancient trend. Kurta is a well-known Punjabi menswear that gives a unique and masculine look to the wearer. It is popular not only in India but it has a major presence across the globe as well. It has a cool casual appeal and makes people look relaxed while increasing their style quotient up a notch. Matching footwear makes the look even more striking.

Since its inception, this matchless costume has changed a lot and seen many transformations. It is being modified by designers, influenced by fashionistas and adorned by many celebrities. A significant part of credit for making this attire popular goes to Indian movies. Many Punjabi actors are seen flaunting this attire on different occasions. Since Punjabi culture is very rich and flamboyant, their dresses are equally impressive. Besides, this outfit is very comfortable to wear and found in almost all types of fabric.

Indo-Western: An Extraordinary Style Personified

A captivating variant of men’s ethnic dress, Indo-Western is a well-known outfit that blends traditional and modern fashion. It may appear somewhat like Kurta Pajama but is unique in its own way. This attire looks fabulous on men of all age groups, and you can flaunt it with various styles of bottoms and jackets. It is now being counted among dresses that enhance your classy appearance. On various festive ceremonies and weddings, this attire is an excellent option to get handsome in order to rise to the occasion. It is available in different styles, colors, and designs.     

To a great extent, Indo-Western dress is also popularized by Bollywood celebrities. Nowadays there are creatively designed suits being shown at different fashion events around the world. Also some suits have a nice glittery effect on them while others have catching colors that compliment your skin tone.

Kurta Pajama and Indo-Western suits are widely worn men’s ethnic dresses. Both are almost the same types of outfits but with a palpable difference. They include the elements of their respective origins with a distinct flavour, which is why each one has a distinct charm. Jalebe’s extensive collection of traditional clothes has a special touch of elegance. So pick your dress!