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How to Pair Traditional Jewellery with Your Modern Outlook

Women’s intrinsic love for jewellery is an open secret. From exotic minimalistic designs to heavy artworks, they can carry it all effortlessly. Be it any event, jewellery plays a vital role in transmitting women’s charm.

Special occasions like weddings and engagement parties are perfect moments to flaunt your style and individuality; jewellery transcends your beauty even more. Today, there are zillions of designs and patterns available in jewellery pieces that can amplify your glamour.      

That said, it’s a familiar fact that traditional jewellery complements ethnic outfits, but the question is – do western dresses also mingle with it harmoniously?

Let’s try to find out how you can transform your outlook with ethnic jewellery.

Necklace Can Accessorize Any Outfit

The most versatile and attractive jewellery piece, necklace is an accessory that unfailingly provides substance to every woman. Be it your gorgeous black dress or a silk gown, a piece of necklace is a must for getting that stunning look. You can turn heads with a Choker Set or a gold plated necklace. Furthermore, a layered necklace in a slip dress can help you set a new trend. This unique combination will attract a lot of people for sure. Your ultra-modern look can also be complemented by attractive ethnic pendants. So if you want to rock the party, necklace becomes your go-to piece of jewellery.

Maangtikka: A Surprising Ornament

Maangtikka is one of the most noticeable ornaments that completely transform your look. Mostly worn on the forehead, this unique jewellery piece makes you eccentric and provoking. Maangtikka was recently sported by Sophie Turner in Priyanka Chopra’s wedding. So of course, it can be confidently worn in western attires. This captivating piece comes in various designs, shapes and styles. One thing is for sure, it adds a royal appeal to your look. For example, Borla style Maangtikka is a perfect ornament for making you look chic and glamorous.

Have You Tried Bangles?

Bangles don’t have to be the jewellery which is worn only with traditional dresses. That way you are restricting yourself from experimenting something new. It is an amazing piece of Indian ethnic jewellery, which gives exquisite look when worn perfectly. Metal bangles in silver and copper can drastically augment your style and fashion. The intricate embellishments are the core part of bangles that attract attention. You can also wear traditional bracelets in order to grace any occasion you want. You only need to know which designs are apt for which occasion.

Complement Your Dress with Oxidized Jewellery

Oxidized jewellery is back in fashion again. Unique look and versatility are the main attributes as to why this jewellery is gaining widespread popularity, especially among youth. This ornament substantially upgrades your style quotient because it is perfect in creating a contrasting look to your dress. You can also personalize it in a big way to make it more antique and vintage. It is usually made of artificial silver and comes in myriad designs and patterns. Because of oxidation process, this ornament acquires light and shadow effect. It is available in different forms like earrings, pendants, anklets, and bracelets.

The world of jewellery is flooded with many exotic pieces of metals and stones. Diamonds and pearls are often associated with modern western dresses, but traditional jewellery can also be satisfactorily used to accessorize your dress.