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How To Enjoy Diwali Festivities With An Ultra-Traditional Look

Just a few weeks are left for Diwali and you are already preparing to celebrate it with a difference. Aren’t you? The festival marks one of the most pious events when families and friends reunite and have loads of fun.

You must be looking forward to bring joy and happiness in your life at this festival of lights. It is the time when you love to engage in different types of activities and enjoy the preparations. From cleaning and decorating your homes to creating colorful Rangoli designs, Diwali is a great occasion to celebrate. This sacred event is also associated with sweet and delicious dishes that are thoroughly savored by people. The terrific display of fireworks on the Diwali day is something to watch out for.

Having mentioned all these festive stuff, Diwali outfits need the special reference to highlight. People spend so much money on glitzy clothes and breathtaking jewelry just to commemorate it pleasantly. Since the festival has deep religious and traditional roots, it is perfectly fine to dress up in traditional wears. In fact, this is how the true essence of Diwali is reflected and enjoyed profusely.

To don an ultra-traditional look, your wardrobe should be stuffed with a range of ethnic dresses that can light up the occasion.

Here is how you can enjoy your Diwali festivity with awesome traditional dresses:

1. Indo-Western Lehenga

Lehenga is fabulous ethnic wear that is specifically adorned during festivals, weddings, and other social gatherings. An Indo-Western Lehenga will give you a refreshingly traditional look this Diwali day. The style of the dress not only draws attention but also becomes a reason for envy among others. You can try different styles and patterns to create a perfect traditional appearance.

2. Sharara Suit

Sharara Suit is one such beautiful attire that mirrors a perfect amalgam of culture and tradition. It’s a versatile outfit that is perfect for occasions when you want to make a special appearance. These days so many Indian movie actresses are donning this dress and as a result, it is getting more popular. Its royal appeal makes it one of the most sought after attire for festive events.

3. Half and Half Saree

A Half and Half Saree is a traditional innovation that is appealing to a large segment of demographics today. It’s a rectangular fabric with contrasting colors on one half with the other. The pleats and pallu together bring the contrasting feature thereby enhancing your style manifold. The color combination, therefore, is the most attractive part of this outfit, which makes it perfect for celebratory occasions. Many women love to include embroidery in this traditional attire.

4. Choker Necklace

A piece of beautiful jewelry forms an integral part of your looks whenever celebrations are around. So a Choker necklace can perfectly provide you a cool traditional look. The artwork and carvings are so appealing that people irresistibly look at you. The eclectic details on this amazing necklace will surely stir the crowd.   

5. Traditional Kurti

One of the favorite choices of women of all age groups, a Kurti carries charm and allure quite profusely. An occasion such as Diwali is an apt moment to display your undiluted glamour with a traditional Kurti. The best part of the outfit is it comes in surprisingly cast an array of designs and patterns. 

The great festival of Diwali is a time when you love to express your personality with unique and attractive dresses. The icing on the cake is when you go for ethnic wear to boost your traditional look with respect to the occasion.