Salwar Kameez

Here is why indo-americans love to flaunt salwar kameez on festivals.

Is your wardrobe craving for more ethnic outfits?

Do traditional dresses strike a chord with you whenever any festival is around?

If yes, you are not the only one being swayed by the changing landscape of style and vogue. That said, flaunting traditional outfits is the new phenomenon and people are simply loving it.

The way Indian tradition is gaining prominence outside India is simply unprecedented. Even the fashion world is acknowledging this trend with bouts of glitter and charm. Particularly, America is the new destination where ‘desi’ is spilling its magic. The fact that Indian Americans are still connected to their origins is now clearly visible by their choice of attire during special occasions. Many of them have become movers and shakers of trendsetting activity and are influencing a lot of other people.

A Growing Fad for Salwar Kameez

As a part of cultural adoration, Indian Americans are not shying away from displaying their love for Salwar Kameez. It’s a versatile and comfortable ethnic wear that is profusely worn during festivals, weddings, parties, and other social congregations. The outfit mainly consists of three parts – Kameez, Salwar & Dupatta and their combination is quite captivating. This dress is an integral part of Indian tradition and widely respected by most of the women. However, in countries like the USA if you want to have a good quality and authentic Salwaar Kameez, you can contact traditional designers or craftsmen from India. Or there are certain e-commerce platforms that are actively making ethnic wears available in United States and Canada. They have a vast collection of Salwar Suits from India and Pakistan.

An Endearing Fusion Ethnic Trend

The secular credentials of India is unquestionable as people from all the religions wear their traditional dresses and celebrate all the festivals with each other. This amazing admiration is also seen in multicultural societies like the US, UK and Canada. Indian ethnic wears are extremely bright as compared to colors that are normally worn by Americans. The latest fondness for Saffron color (Kesari) in the US is quite astounding. Many popular celebrities are flaunting saffron dresses with swag. There is also a growing trend of fusion wear in the States wherein many people are trying different Indo-Western combinations.

A wide Acceptance of Festivals

USA has a vibrant South Asian Community, especially from India. These people meet, greet and celebrate festivals belonging to their ethnic origins. A free, liberal country like States also appreciates and respects these rituals. The festivals like Dussehra, Diwali, Eid, Holi, Durga Pooja, Pongal and Onam are enthusiastically celebrated in the US also. These occasions usually become a melting pot of various ethnic dresses adorned by Indian Americans. These colourful gatherings are the real depiction of culture, style and fellowship. A multitude of outfits like Saree, Salwar Kameez, Lehenga, Chaniya Choli, etc. are the real show stealers during these cultural convocations.

Indian ethnic wears are gaining a wide acceptance and popularity in foreign shores like USA. Indian people living there are instrumental in creating this trend. Especially, Salwar Kameez is an outfit that is adored by women of all age-groups. They wear this stunning traditional dress during festivals, weddings and engagement ceremonies.