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Get Back to Your Roots with the Ageless Charm of Ethnic Wears.

#Ethnicwears might be the most trending hashtag across social platforms, but being in ethnic wears gives a feel of exclusivity and self-fulfillment. Isn’t it?

Looking at some of the Instagram and Twitter celebrities, you’ll get a clear idea that we are on our way to loving our tradition. A significant amount of credit goes to designers who are using ethnic couture as their hallmark. Plus, there are certain startups that are breathing fresh life into the South Asian ethnic wears market. Also, because of the tremendous online retail boom, the traditional wear market is going to see its heydays. Jalebe is an emerging brand that has unique offerings from apparel to jewelry to other ethnic items online. The prolific brand aims to redefine fashion by upping the ethnic game.

So, are you ready to embrace the latest ethnic wears trends?

The fever of tradition is certainly rising. You may not find it compelling to wear your mom’s cardigans or tunics straight out of the 70s, but you won’t say no to repeat your granny’s flair. Many women are running pillar to post just to look classy and vintage. Turns out, an evening party with a gorgeous silk saree is simply irresistible today.

A Fad for Handlooms

Just recently, going handloom was considered uncool and passé. Indian handloom industry was languishing in the corner, and as a result, sales dropped and artisans started migrating to the newer pastures. But now handloom is back and brimming in full blow thanks to fashion designers and celebrities. Furthermore, many prominent designers are beautifully combining handloom with Western fashion to create Indo-Western designs. You must have observed many eminent international celebrities wearing Indian ethnic dresses on certain occasions.

Khadi is one of the hottest trends these days and designers are rediscovering the beauty of this heritage fabric. PM Narendra Modi has taken Khadi a notch higher with his awe-inspiring Nehru Jackets. Wherever he goes around the world, he becomes a talking point for his unique ethnic style and dresses.

Saree is Perennially in Vogue!

When it comes to pointing to a genuine ethnic outfit, saree stands apart. As they say, saree is forever and has always been ruling the fashion landscape. Whether it’s a wedding, a ring ceremony, or a religious occasion, a saree brings a special charm. Many fashionistas draw its parallel with wine. Just like wine, saree ages only to add beauty and class to your style. It’s a true ethnic treasure that has been passed on from one generation to another without losing the value. Saree always stays on the fashion circuit, so you don’t have to worry about the current trends. When you drape it with jewelry and other accessories, you transform into an absolute diva. That’s why Saree is the most versatile ethnic wear outfit.

The Magic of Lehenga is Unmissable!

Lehenga Choli is one of the quintessential ethnic attires that represent the true vibrancy of traditional hues. This amazing outfit allows you to connect to your roots and capture hearts and minds. It comes in bright colors, beautiful designs, and unique combinations of different fabrics. Available in plenty of varieties, this alluring garment is worn on various occasions such as weddings, festivals, parties, and family gatherings. Apart from being comfortable and adaptable, lehenga choli is extremely stylish and trendy. For instance, party wear lehengas are designed to provide a regal taste and sensual touch to your persona so that you look beautiful and classy. Similarly, bridal lehengas are an essential wardrobe element for a bride-to-be. So this ensemble has both conventional and modern appeal associated with it.

A Sparkling Makeover with Ethnic Jewelry!

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Your enchanting transformation into a traditional beauty pageant cannot be completed without wearing ethnic jewelry. It just doesn’t compliment your clothes, but also overhauls your look completely. Today, the jewelry industry is coming up with more unique designs and their variations. However, it could be a daunting task to keep up with the latest trends according to the season. So you need to select the ones that help you stay true to your own style and fashion. In other words, you need to strike a nuanced balance between the elements of design, style, and aesthetics. Indian ethnic jewelry has all the above key ingredients that comprehensively power your beauty and style.

There are moments when you need to flaunt true ethnic beauty. This is when you tend to incorporate some evergreen attires in your closet. In view of this fact, traditional clothing and jewelry are a way forward to transform your look. Designers are further gearing up for bringing fresh and unique trends of traditional wear. Get ready to embrace the plethora of indigenous crafts.