Women's day

Feel Empowered with Contemporary Ethnic Outfits on Women’s Day

Ethnicity with Modernity, Elegance, and Equality are the fundamental traits that mark the women’s liberation and dignity on International women’s Day each year, the world over. Women alone can raise their voices against the indifference they have been confronted with over the years. To mark this zeal of expression of freedom from the fangs of gender discrimination, women celebrate this day each year globally with fervor, enthusiasm, and pride.

Come womenfolk let’s thrive to be a force to reckon with classic and contemporary traditional attires. Whenever we think of Women’s Day, we talk about the simplicity of ethnic elegance carried ever so gracefully by our women leaders as also the celebrities emulating them.

Being at the helm of affairs and a firm believer in simple living and high thinking, our women leaders have always put their best foot forward as far as striving for women empowerment is concerned. The graceful women leaders never expressed or presented themselves in bold or lavish attire, but always stuck to simplistic elegance in appearance renowned the world over. These women have been a role model for today’s women to emulate.

It’s not our position but our attitude that counts. Being a woman, the best way of presenting oneself is primarily through one’s selection of clothes, simple yet elegant, sober quality material, lighter shades for the day and darker ones for evenings. Apart from our appearance, we are recognized by the contribution we make to society.

This women’s day celebrates the greatness, power and women’s grace in Jalebe’s dynamic range of ethnic wear. 

Straight Cut Suit – For a touch of serenity

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It is arguably the most graceful traditional attire among Southeast Asian countries. It is something that lends itself well to modern trends and fashion. This fashion trend is a perfect blend of modernity and elegance. Above all, it is the comfiest and widely known traditional attires in India. Straight cut suits are perfect for summers because they are light-weight and easy to wear.

Printed Saree – Oh so flowy!

Women's Day ethnic outfit

This long stylish attire is something that will take your fashion wardrobe to the next level. This outfit is perfect to save your skin from tan during hot weather. Stylish Printed Sarees are all the rage this summer season due to the comfortable fabrics and classic variety of distinct hues. The detailed embroidery work on the attire enhances the look.

Circular Lehenga – Shouldn’t go amiss

women’s day wear

This ethnic ensemble is perfect to keep you comfortable, all day long. Walk-in like you own the place in this full of flare Circular Lehenga. The dress is a true representation of Indian cultures and traditions. From Hollywood to Bollywood, this ethnic wear has been loved by many celebrities.  

Indowestern Kurti – For extra ‘Girly’ look!

women’s day wear

It is both the choice of your favorite celebrity and renowned fashion designers. Indowestern Kurti is an epitome of the traditional fashion of India. College-goers, as well as working women, prefer ravishing Indowestern due to the versatile nature of this attire. Also, fashion freak women have also tried pairing this outfit with sneakers to give it a modern look.

These are some of the ethnic essentials that sit atop Jalebe’s list of classic ethnic outfits for women’s day. Go beyond the cliché western outfits and decorate your minimalistic ethnic closet with a vogue-approved collection of trendy ethnic attires. Apart from this, traditional jewelry when paired with these apparels can turn the simplest clothing into sartorial excellence.  

Did we miss any of your favorite feminist ethnic fashion? Let us know in the comments section!