Explore Sarees for Special Occasions and Create a Wow Appeal.

There are very few outfits that are known to have gone beyond the realms of traditional and modern categories. One such attire that is proven to be timeless and evergreen is Indian Sarees. This striking ethnic wear is highly popular not only in India, but across the globe as well. From ramps or runways to red carpets, saree’s profound presence asserts its unparalleled influence in fashion corridors.

All the way from ancient times till the present scenario, saree continues to be the topmost choice of women, especially for festivals, weddings, and celebratory occasions. This ethnic garment has never failed to provide an enchanting look to women and draw special attention. Having said that, owing to the contemporary fashion trends, saree has also gone through many transformations nowadays. Many expert designers are being profusely experimenting on this ensemble and creating innumerable designs and styles. This experimentation has only amplified the magnificence of this dress and made it look outrageously extraordinary.

Saree’s importance shoots up even further when there are special occasions round the corner. Today, it is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, which is why it’s often a difficult task to select the best one. The fact is different women have different requirements and expectations; so a saree needs to fulfil them.

So we have some valuable recommendations that will definitely help you get what you need.

Designer Saree

A designer saree is a specialized outfit that is expressly designed to mark a special occasion. The event could be anything, but the saree is given a unique type of embroidery and a distinct design as per certain specific requirements. Armed with exclusivity, this saree enhances your look in a unique way. In other words, it adds individuality to your appearance. Many Bollywood celebrities keep flaunting designer sarees from time to time. Thus, you must have noticed their distinctive appeal. So this outfit should definitely be in your checklist.

Printed Saree

Printed sarees are becoming a rage among women as they look extremely attractive. Today, saree prints depict a large canvas of designs that can effectively gratify rural, traditional, and urban populace. Showcasing the enchanting details, these sarees are apt for different occasions. The alluring prints come in several variations such as floral prints, digital prints, block prints, checked prints, geometric prints, animal prints, abstract prints, polka dots, and so on. Hence, you have all the options available to choose from.

Bridal Sarees

Specifically designed for brides-to-be, bridal saree is an ultimate example of a royal costume. It is a delightful blend of beauty, elegance, craft, and sophistication. In other words, when all these attributes are entwined together, the resulting ensemble is a bridal saree. This outfit involves heavy embroidery work, zari work, and stone work. It also comes in vibrant colors and grabs everyone’s attention. This amazing garment depicts the richness of longstanding tradition as well as modern hues.

Regional Sarees

Regional saree is essentially an umbrella term that includes large varieties of sarees worn from region to region in India. Each one is characterized by a different fabric and distinct draping style. Every regional saree imparts a rich legacy of tradition and showcases its class. Also every region has its special way of using specialized fabrics and weaving techniques. Even today, women of all ages enthusiastically wear them on various occasions. Some of the most prominent regional sarees are: Kanjivaram Silk sarees, Mysore Silk Sarees, Banarasi Silk Sarees, Kota sarees, Kalamkari Sarees, Patola Sarees, and many more.

Half & Half Sarees

Half & Half saree is a beautiful and unique reflection of contemporary trend. It is adapted from the original ensemble and created two distinct halves of contrasting colors. A phenomenal innovation of sorts, half & half saree provides a magical effect to your persona. Of late, it has also made an impressive presence in the fashion world because of its exclusive design and marvellous color combination. It is available in various patterns that make it suitable for specific events. The main fabrics are: chiffon, silk, georgette, crepe, and satin.

These are some of the big trends in sarees to get your style into action that are worn on various special occasions. The beauty and grace of these sarees are so eminent that everyone watches them in awe. Jalebe has an extensive assortment of sarees for every occasion.