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Ethnic Outfit Takeaways for a Perfect Winter Wedding Makeup.

You might be using the wrong make-up techniques for winter wedding outfits. Because there’s a right way! Want to know what they are? Here’s the answer.

We know there’s as such no hard-in-fast rule to carry your ethnics with the best make-up as choices vary from one person to another. But we have come with some easy-to-follow rules for makeup looks for winter wedding outfits. 

You could say you are in a love/hate relationship with traditional outfits when it comes to matching with the perfect makeup look. Some days you’d enjoy playing with Indo-westerns and get excited to go with a Smokey eye makeup look. 

Other days you’d prefer wearing nude and subtle makeup with heavy embroidered sarees. Then the days come especially during winter weddings that even having a closet full of traditional outfits, you don’t get anything to wear. Don’t worry. It’s pretty cool and happens with all of us. Considering the same, Jalebe has come with an exclusive range of stylish ethnic outfits and makeup ideas for a winter wedding. Mostly, women like to go for the dark-colored outfits and that’s where the confusion for make-up arises. 

Here are some effective fashion tips for Indian attire and makeup look for a winter wedding.

Make a style statement with A-Line Cut Lehenga

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For a modish and elegant look, opt for an embroidered A-Line Lehenga by giving a thick stroke of winged eyeliner and a thin layer of Kajal. Swearing by fashion sense, this technique works very well and is often followed by popular professionals. You can choose to pair it with comfy heels and matching jewelry. 

Amplify up Your Ethnic Look with Nude Makeup

Heavy Mirror Work Kurti

Nude makeup is a perfect idea for the long Kurti lovers out there. Based on your skin tone and color of your heavy mirror work Kurtis go for neutral colors like peach or beige. The Nude makeup look is classy and elegant. This style compliments well with both the traditional as well as western outfit. 

Balance your attire with a Makeup look!

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Indian traditional outfits and winter wedding makeup go hand in hand. Both too much or too less will ruin your winter makeup look. Go with a sober look for ethnic outfit Abaya Style Indian Suits. Adding too much glitter on the eyes won’t look good if the choice of jewelry is ethnic. Go with a nude makeup look with Necklace sets and maang tikka.

How about the lip color with Long Kurti?

long kurti in dark color

Winter weddings are all about flaunt, flaunt and flaunt! What a perfect ethnic outfit combination is of an elegant Dark color long Kurti with red lip color. In summers, the red color might look a bit weird but it just goes right in winters. The ones who are fond of going with the fusion, opting for one of the most stylish traditional outfits like Long Kurti can prove to be the best idea. 

A little Highlighter and Contour with a Traditional outfit is okay!

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You are just more than beautiful whether you wear makeup or not. But you still choose to go for a little highlighter to enhance the elegance of your attire. A little contour and highlighter are okay for heavy embroidered sarees.

So, what’s your favorite ethnic wear and makeup look?