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Did You Know Your Fashion Style Is Written In Your Stars?

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle is causing a Fashion dilemma among many. Have you ever wondered why you often gravitate towards a particular color and style? Does this have anything to do with your zodiac sign? Let’s find out…….

Eccentricity is the hallmark of every zodiac sign as it defines certain quirky choices that men and women make regarding fashion. At times color combinations, designs, and styles unconsciously guide you to make purchasing decisions. Or on some other occasions even if you have 10 similar types of outfits, you end up buying one more. Clearly, your zodiac sign holds the key here.

Horoscopes can give you a good idea. Additionally, your choice of ethnic dress and its color goes perfectly according to your zodiac sign. It will bring you good luck as well!

Our fashion aficionados have, therefore, worked it out the colors and styles of ethnic wears according to your zodiac sign.


Being an Aries woman/Man, you are always brimming with life force and you want joy always around you. You are the person who always tends to stay ahead in terms of passion and dare. Red is your natural color. So why not to get a Red Lehenga for your next party?


Being a Taurian, you are ruled by Venus – the goddess of love and beauty. As per your zodiac sign, you are associated with feminine colors like pink. So a Pink Anarkali Suit will be an apt outfit for your next traditional party.


You are the queen of duality and decisions you make while shopping results into buying things that you didn’t plan. However, you are a party starter, funky, and an attention grabber. The yellow color makes you even more lively and dazzling. So a Yellow Saree would be the perfect outfit for you.


You are receptive and highly sensitive woman having great empathy. You have a detailed eye for every small thing. You detailing and empathetic nature often reflects through your dressing. White, grey and silver are your natural colors. So an off- white palazzo would be best suited for you.


You are an independent and self-reliant woman with a dominant personality. You are best defined by the morning surge of the sun that engenders desires and new hope. That means red and orange is your natural color. So a Red Saree or an Orange Lehenga would be perfect for any occasion.


You are loyal, passionate and a genuine observant. Your cheerful nature allows you to mask your emotions nicely. Though perfection is an elusive term, but you try to seek it anyway. Turns out, your natural colors are deep forest green, brown and grey.  So a brown Anarkali suit is your outfit.


As a Libra, your perpetual disposition is to become inherently balanced regarding beauty and perfection. Your creative outlook spills over your dress as well. You are a great listener and idealist. Baby blue and pink are your natural colors, so a Blue Saree will beautifully mark your occasion.


One of the most intense signs of the zodiac, Scorpio is associated with passion, determination, and decisiveness. As a Scorpion, you are influenced by Pluto and Mars. Your natural colors are deep red, maroon and black. So a Red Saree or Maroon Salwar Kameez would be the best option for your next party.  


Being a Sagittarian, you are highly adaptable and flexible. You are a born explorer and give a lot of value to your freedom. Orange, yellow and blue are the best colors for your style. So try to enhance your wardrobe with a Red Anarkali Suit or Kurti.


You are often ambitious, determined, and practical in your approach. That makes you one of the most serious and sophisticated dressers. Black and dark brown are your natural colors influenced by Saturn. Therefore, Black Embroidered Kurti would be perfect for your style statement.


Being an Aquarian, you are a free-spirited and eccentric person. You are a non-conformist and full of surprises, which is also reflected through what you usually wear. It turns out, turquoise and aquamarine are your natural colors. So a Turquoise Color Anarkali Suit would be a perfect choice for you.


Being a true Piscean, you are a creative and imaginative woman. You are idealistic, compassionate, social and romantic. That makes you an easy-going and likable person. Purple is your natural color, so get a Purple Lehenga for your next event.

Hence, whatever dilemma you find yourself in, just remember your natural color and style. You will definitely look in your ethnic best.