haryali teej

Celebrate Hariyali Teej with an Immense Ethnic Spirit.

India is also known as the land of festivals as they are deeply ingrained in its soul. This multicultural, multilingual, and diverse society is characterized by numerous traditions, which are reflected through various festivals. Hariyali Teej is one among many such occasions that are passionately celebrated widely across the country.

This festival is celebrated when monsoon is in its full blow as the vibe in the country is definitely a notch happier. Teej is commemorated mostly in the Northern states of india. This special ritual is dedicated to all the married women who observe fast and offer prayers on this day. It is essentially celebrated by women so that their husbands are blessed with a longevity and healthy life. Even young unmarried women also take part in the ritual by fasting and praying.

The importance of Hariyali Teej goes much beyond fasting – it is basically about celebrating life. Women excitedly pamper themselves with traditional clothes and jewelry. Shoppers make a beeline to markets in order to buy relevant accessories. One of the prominent accessories that women splurge money on is Teej Shringar. It’s like a trousseau that is used by women for decking up in vibrant makeup. On this occasion, women also receive gifts from their in-laws.

Dresses and Accessories for Celebrating Hariyali Teej

Both traditional and modern women have similar regard for this festival. However, they celebrate it in their own ways. The former are quite customary in their approach, while the latter indulge in parties and gatherings. But they celebrate it in equal fervor.

Here is the most propitious traditional attire for Teej:


Lehenga is one of the favorite traditional dresses of Indian women usually worn on special occasions. On Teej festival also women wear this dress profusely in order to look amply elegant and graceful. Many women even take out their marriage/wedding lehenga on this day and flaunt it to relive those memories. Today, the fashion market is flooded with various forms of lehengas such as mermaid lehenga, A-line lehenga, circular lehenga online, and so on. Women excitedly wear them and take part in the festivities.


Needless to say, the sensuality, freshness, and elegance of saree are simply incredible. Irrespective of any particular occasion, saree has always been a must-have staple in the wardrobe of Indian women. Therefore, it is widely worn on Teej also with equal passion and intensity. But the question is which sarees would be most appropriate for this festival? To begin with, printed sarees with floral prints will go nicely with the occasion. The pastel hues and vibrant colors are also fitting for the festival. Regional sarees and embroidered sarees are also known to reflect the celebratory fervor of this ritual.

Churidar Suit

Churidar suits look staggering equally on married as well as unmarried women. It is a comfortable, classy and elegant dress that gives a royal visage to women’s look. As trends keep changing in the ethnic fashion world, today there are many forms of churidar suits. They come in different colors, patterns, and styles; so women can choose designs that gratify their needs. It’s an exquisite garment that can bright up any festival. Some modern women also choose to wear Plazzo suits to impart a distinct look for the occasion.

Traditional Jewelry

Without a shred of doubt, jewelry is an important ingredient in every woman’s trousseau. When festivals or other special events are around, it becomes all the more requisite for women to flash traditional jewelry. So there are many key ethnic ornaments for women to pleasingly wear on Teej. To start with, bangles are one of the main accessories for this ritual that beautifully decorate their hands. Mangtikka looks pretty and amplifies the look immensely. A traditional necklace set completes the look and provides much-needed sparkle.

India’s romance with its festivals is not new as they define the true traditions of the country. These veritable festivals are passionately celebrated in vibrant ethnic outfits across the country. Jalebe is an online platform that makes available all the festive-oriented traditional clothes.