Banarasi Silk Saree For Special Occasion.

The moment we say Banarasi Saree, the first picture that comes in mind is a lady beautifully draped the saree for a special & auspicious occasion. Banarasi silk saree is one of the most popular among sarees and very famous in north India. Whenever there is a wedding in any family, silk saree is a must for the bride and considered as most auspicious.

You can get this saree in a variety of colors and shades. The sheen, color, texture, and fabric give you enough reasons to pick this beautiful saree for special occasions.

banarsi saree

It usually takes three to six months for single handwoven saree; however, due to technology advancement, the same has been reduced to a few numbers of days. Banarasi silk sarees got its name from Varanasi, where it originated, and the weaver used to craft the same in handmade machines. Many such Sarees have heavy golden embroidery, especially on the borders and pallu.

No bridal shopping is complete without Banarasi sarees. One can’t miss buying the saree to complete their new wardrobe. One can now buy the Banarasi sarees online. One such website which sells ethnic sarees is

Indians residing in the United State of America and other countries can no longer have to wait for their family members to get saree. They also need not pay hefty shipping charges to get it delivered where they stay. One can go to Jabele and buy the same online.