First Date

7 Impressive Gift Ideas for the First Date to Surprise Her.

So you are going on your first ever date! You must be both excited and nervous at the same time. In other words, you are going through every kind of emotion possible just before having that most awaited romantic conversation. Well, we know the coupling effect of butterflies in the stomach and adrenaline rush. You want everything to work in your favour and leave no stone unturned to make this special girl impressed like no one ever did.

So what’s your idea of the perfect first date?

To share some hard truths with you, the first date is a tricky one – make no bones about it. It’s neither a moment to be possessive, nor is the one to be too casual. You should look both interesting and interested to her but not desperate.

On your first date the gift you give to your girl matters the most. How and what you give her is also a very important choice to make. Thus, it is chivalry and thoughtfulness that will make your day. In fact, you will see more such days just coming after that. So suit-up, reflect on your personality and be comfortable for the occasion.

Here is the list of the most impressive gifts on your first romantic excursion:

An Enchanting Bouquet of Exotic Flowers

An eye-catching bouquet of flowers has definitely a charm to impress the girl. Red roses always pack a punch but orchids and lilies are equally formidable. To make her smile in awe, you can create a rainbow looking arrangement of different sweet-smelling flowers. By the way, from a single-stemmed rose to a bunch of lovely blossoms, flowers are always a joy to receive.  

Ethnic Jewellery is a Mindful Approach to Make Your Love Last

Giving an ethnic touch to your gift is a reflection of being thoughtful, so you can win your girl’s heart with a traditional jewellery set. As a matter of fact, jewellery is one of the weaknesses of women – meaning, you can expect more glitter in her eyes than the gift itself. However, there is no need to splurge your fortune on that. A pendant, earrings or a ring will do the trick for you. So for an elegant gesture, you can buy dangle earrings in gold and she will swoon over them.

A Magnificent Traditional Wear

A unique outfit can be a surprising gift for her. So you can get her an ethnic wear and make her wonder that you spent a great deal of time finding that. There are many dresses that fall under the traditional wear category. For example, long kurti, short kurti, Salwar Suit, etc. The idea is that she will definitely like something unconventional.

A Box of Chocolates for the Upcoming Sweets

If your girl has a sweet tooth, chocolates or sweets will work wonders as gifts. You can put a bunch of chocolates of different flavours into a box, make it attractive and give it to her. It’s all about letting her know how you care about her and putting efforts to make her happy. So if anything, this sweet gesture will provide sweetness to your relationship.

Handicraft: A Perfect Souvenir for Her

If you want to give her something brilliant with a cultural feel attached to it, a piece of handicraft would be apt for the occasion. It will be better to find an artefact that has an amazing traditional artwork performed on it. This gift may include figurines, statues, wall hangings, pen holders, fruit bowls, etc. She will definitely appreciate beauty and gesture both.

What About A Clutch?

A clutch bag is a great gift accessory to win her heart. This beautiful item won’t go wrong as it makes a trendy style statement. Plus it contains cash, cards, cosmetics, gadgets, and other essentials. Also it’s something she’ll always carry with her, so you need to make sure it reflects her personality. This accessory comes in different shapes, sizes, and designs. So you can pick and buy clutch bag online that goes with her style.

A Pair of Traditional Jutti Will Surely Startle Her Women love footwear so much so that they love to collect as many as possible. So this is the opportunity for you to present them something cool and comfy. It’s your decision to give a simple soothing pair or special handcrafted juttis. But make sure they are lightweight, comfortable, and unique women’s footwear. It would definitely be a thoughtful gift that she will give a special significance in her life.