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5 Striking Indian Jewelry Pieces Will Take A Millennial Bride By Surprise.

Your wedding day is the occasion when you want to be the most beautiful woman then you have ever been. So are you looking forward to startling everyone with your special charm? There are a few precious Indian jewelry pieces that can amplify your look beyond imagination.   

Being a millennial woman, you are independent, experimental, fearless, and lively. But when it comes to preparing for your wedding, going ethnic is a flawless way to look perfect in a bridal avatar. The fact is you must have had childhood dreams about this day so that you can create a maximum impact on your appearance. Hence, from tip to toe, your attire and ornaments need to look like the most pleasant affair.

Here are the jewelry pieces that will intensify your overall bridal look:


Because of being a confident and lively millennial bride, you tend to show off your exuberant taste and style. So a traditional necklace is an elegant ornament that impacts your entire beauty positively. One of the most important parts of your bridal trousseau, a necklace can make or break your look. Its importance is such that it occupies the central place; so nobody should take their eyes off.


Maangtikka is an elegant and dominant form of head jewelry, which is why you need to choose unique and profligate designs for yourself. Even the Bollywood celebs like Deepika Padukone have flaunted these tinkling ornaments at their weddings. In 2020, there are more profligate and stylish designs of Maangtikka that are going to come up. Make sure your metal gleams you up perfectly.


Traditional bridal jewelry is incomplete without mangalsutra because it’s a timeless ornament that has a special place in the heart of every bride. This spectacular piece of jewelry is the perfect ingredient to enhance your feminine appeal. For a modern bride like you, there is a huge variety of imperial mangalsutra available on online platforms like – the one-stop-shop for everything ethnic.


If you want to be the show-stopper bride, you need to transcend an exclusive beauty. Therefore, bangles will give you that much-needed spotlight. There are different designs and styles of bangles that have cultural illustrations in vibrant colors. Today prominent designers are coming up with designs that are becoming more popular among the masses. From nature-inspired designs to abstract patterns, this jewelry is exceptional.


Indian Earrings Jewelry online

As an eternal decorative ornament for brides, earrings are extremely adorable jewelry pieces. A pair of traditional earrings will make you the most attractive woman of the day. It’s a versatile piece of jewelry that has a magic of its own. Today, there are numerous traditional designs and motifs in earrings that can transform your style statement. So on your wedding day, just make sure that you get an elegant and dazzling look.

Wedding day is the most important occasion of your life and you want to look a gorgeous diva – better than anyone else. Jalebe is the online store that provides you with the most attractive Indian jewelry pieces for your wedding ceremony.