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5 Reasons Why Indian Ethnic Wears Gaining Popularity Like Never Before.

What makes the Indian ethnic wears really cool is the way it’s gaining widespread popularity across the globe. Whether it is festivals, weddings, or any other types of events, these wonderful dresses are usually the main attraction.

traditional attires

The remarkable diversity of India is profoundly reflected through different traditional attires that are worn across its length and breadth. This uncanny distinctness in dresses is the result of the rich cultural heritage of India. The vibrant colors and astonishing designs along with countless festivals truly make the country an incredible mosaic of sorts.

salwar suit

Thus, from big fat Indian weddings to International fashion circuits, these ethnic outfits have started making a powerful presence. After all, who isn’t aware of the fascinating glamour of saree, lehenga, and salwar suit?

You must now be very curious to know this growing enthusiasm for Indian clothes. Here are the reasons for this rising trend:

Versatility is the rallying point to start with Ethnic Wears


Although Indian traditional dresses are usually meant for celebratory occasions, that doesn’t mean they can’t be adorned as casual and formal wear. This is where their versatility comes into play. Many working women are preferring sarees for their workplaces. Kurti, for one, is extremely versatile that is worn by young and adult women for a number of occasions. In other words, most of these attires are donned by people of every age and body type. So, very few clothes offer this level of flexibility to you.

The fusion with western dresses results in a trending fashion


Another key factor for the worldwide acceptance of traditional wears is their ability to beautifully blend with western clothes. West is known for its stylish and high-end fashion trends, whereas Indian ethnic wears have a unique charm and elegance. But the real deal is the way these two different clothing realms fuse together and create an exclusive trend on its own. Many Indian and International fashion designers have taken it upon themselves and created certain magnificent outfits. A lehenga with a tank-top is a perfect example of Indo-Western wear.

Bollywood has taken it to the next level

A major part of the credit for popularizing Indian ethnic outfits should go to the Bollywood. For decades, the Tinseltown actresses have passed on this baton from one generation to the next by attractively displaying these attires. Their elegance and charisma have time and again made a deep impact on the minds of people in different countries. Aishwarya Rai, Sonam Kapoor, and Deepika Padukone have already created a stir in traditional outfits at many International film festivals.

Increasingly available Ethnic Wears online

Today, with the explosion of the e-commerce industry and the overwhelming use of smartphones, online shopping has gone viral. People are purchasing many different items through the internet. So it has also allowed Indian traditional wears to reach into people’s lives. It has created a sudden demand in the global market in recent times and many fashionistas have noticed this trend in a big way. Some of the emerging platforms like Jalebe are exclusively providing a huge range of Indian and South Asian traditional wears through online.

Value for your money

These amazing clothes no only come in a plethora of fabrics, colors, and sizes, but they are also comfortable, elegant and graceful. So they definitely provide good value for your money. Fit for several occasions, these incredible attires make you stylish so that you stand apart from the rest.

Indian ethnic wears are certainly making waves in the international arena. Gone are the days when these dresses used to be region-specific and could not be adopted elsewhere. But now, the glass ceiling has been broken and people around the world are getting to know them better.